Together with our partners, we're the largest national bipartisan effort working to make our criminal justice system smarter, fairer and more cost-effective at the federal, state and local levels. 


We’re working across the political spectrum to pursue a comprehensive set of federal, state and local criminal justice reforms to reduce our prison populations and associated costs; end the systemic problems of overcriminalization and overincarceration – particularly in low-income communities and communities of color; ensure swift and fair outcomes for both the accused and the victim; and make communities safer by reducing recidivism and breaking down barriers faced by those returning home after detention or incarceration. 


Join us Friday, May 3 in Lexington, Kentucky

for a Celebration of Second Chances!

Country Stars Sara Evans and Pat Green, Singer/Songwriter John Carter Cash, and Kentucky Favorites MISC Jones and The Local Honeys are scheduled to perform!

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