We believe that these ten issue areas are key to a fairer, more effective and efficient justice system:



Promote the use of transparent, validated and non-discriminatory risk-based solutions to replace pure money bail systems that discriminate against the poor and fail to provide adequate public safety return. Expand conditions of release to include proven methods of ensuring court appearances, such as check-ins and ankle monitoring.

Judicial Discretion

Codify a safety valve for mandatory minimum sentences to ensure judges have the discretion to deviate from unduly harsh punishments when circumstances warrant and egregious injustices could result.

Alternatives to Incarceration

Support expansion of alternatives to incarceration for low-level, non-violent offenders, particularly drug offenders, and special populations—such as juveniles, veterans, individuals suffering from mental illness and substance abuse, and pregnant women-- that will lead to better outcomes, save valuable taxpayer resources, and focus incarceration on true threats to our society

Women in the Justice System

Develop more effective approaches to women in the justice system, particularly those with minor children and those with a history of trauma, including improved visitation policies that strengthen families and gender-responsive programming that appropriately address underlying traumas, addictions, and socioeconomic issues.


Increase the scope of effective tools used in juvenile and adult probation systems, and focus community supervision resources on higher risk populations with the goal of reducing revocations and recidivism.

Prison Reforms

Expand and incentivize proven in-prison programming, including vocational education, life-skills, and cognitive interventions that prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry and lower recidivism rates. Improve access to medical assisted treatment for persons addicted to drugs.

Second Chances

Encourage partnerships with employers and the private sector to increase employment rates for those with a criminal record, support fair chance hiring for public sector jobs, break down barriers to occupational licensing, and expand criminal record sealing and expungement.

Fairness in Court and System Financing

Promote reforms to the administration and collection of fines and fees and support quality indigent defense practices to ensure our justice system is accessible and fair to all communities; support policies that mandate more transparency and accountability from for-profit actors in prisons and probation.

Data Collection

Increase the frequency of, and accountability for, reporting outcomes, and ensure that complete recidivism data is collected for each component of the justice system to constantly adjust for appropriate policy solutions.

Forfeiture Reforms

Limit governmental property forfeitures to property owners who have been convicted of crimes, and support protections that ensure any post-conviction forfeitures are proportional to the crime.