Washington, D.C. – The Coalition for Public Safety is proud to announce that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has been honored as the September “Champion of Justice Reform.” The Justice Champion series honors individuals leading the way by bringing smart reforms that extend fairness to all citizens, improve public safety, and save taxpayer money.


Foxx is the head of the second largest prosecutor’s office in the country, a position she took on in January of this year after winning a landslide election. She has committed to building public trust in her office, has made changes to the pre-trial system, and spared some low level offenders from a felony conviction. Foxx is also engaged in efforts to address the gun violence and other violent crime that plagues Chicago and surrounding Cook County. By improving community engagement, increasing transparency and accountability, and focusing her office’s resources on the greatest threats to public safety, Foxx is beginning to transform Cook County’s justice system.


Coalition Director of Coalitions and Outreach Jasmine Heiss commented: “Kim Foxx is helping redefine what a prosecutor’s quest for justice can look like by addressing crime as a human problem, and not just an issue of statistics, dollars, and cents. Her approach illuminates how reform upholds – not undermines – public safety, and helps to chart a course for others across the country. We are grateful for her leadership and proud to honor her as a justice champion.”

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