Take the Pledge: Support Fair Sentencing and Fair Chances Justice Reform

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Our nation’s criminal justice system is broken. And we need your help fixing it.

If you agree that it’s time to reform our justice system, to restore fairness for taxpayers, and for families and Americans who are trying to turn their lives around, sign your name to join our Fair Sentencing & Fair Chances campaign.

Fair Sentencing & Fair Chances is a blueprint for achievable, bipartisan criminal justice reform focused on reducing the prison population and removing barriers for ex-offenders to lead productive lives.

We spend too much money on a prison system that is bloated, unsustainable and growing without restraint. And we create too many obstacles for ex-offenders to turn their lives around, get jobs and live successfully.

We need your support to overhaul the system and start putting words into action.

Fair Sentencing and Fair Chances Priorities:

Add your name to join the Fair Sentencing and Fair Chances campaign by pledging to support efforts that:

  • Reduce jail and prison populations;
  • Cut incarceration costs;
  • Reduce recidivism;
  • Remove barriers for those re-entering society to lead productive lives.

Read more about our blueprint here (.pdf), then take the pledge.