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“There are very real differences between many of the groups that have come together to form the Coalition for Public Safety. While we disagree with some of our partners on much concerning the proper function of government, we embrace the opportunity to work together to improve the nation’s criminal justice system through reforms that reduce crime, empower victims, and protect taxpayers.

Most importantly, Right on Crime is happy to join a coalition that understands that improving public safety is the main reason we must reform the criminal justice system. America’s founders understood that the primary role of government was to ensure ordered liberty. They knew that, without public safety, there was no room for a flourishing civil society.

To that end, we recognize that our country cannot continue to have a system in which non-violent offenders emerge from prisons more dangerous than they were when they entered. It is especially perverse that Americans pay so much of their hard-earned tax dollars for such a failing system.

We look forward to finding areas of consensus to ensure that our corrections system makes America safer.”

—Marc Levin, Policy Director, Right on Crime

Join Right on Crime and The Coalition in the movement for Criminal Justice Reform