About the Coalition

The Coalition for Public Safety, together with its partners, is the largest national effort working to make our criminal justice system smarter, fairer and more cost effective at the federal, state and local level. In an unprecedented way, the Coalition brings together the nation’s most prominent conservative and progressive organizations to pursue an aggressive criminal justice reform effort. The Coalition partners reach tens of millions of Americans seeking commonsense reforms, and will work to build consensus around comprehensive efforts that are designed to address some of the most pressing issues facing the nation’s criminal justice system.

The Coalition is working across the political spectrum to pursue a comprehensive set of federal, state, and local criminal justice reforms to reduce our jail and prison populations and associated costs; end the systemic problems of overcriminalization and overincarceration — particularly of low-income communities and communities of color; ensure swift and fair outcomes for both the accused and the victim; and make communities safe by reducing recidivism and breaking down barriers faced by those returning home after detention or incarceration.

Coalition Goals:

  • Prioritizing public safety resources via sentencing reform
  • Narrowing the net of incarceration
  • Increasing public safety through effective rehabilitation programs
  • Breaking down barriers in communities
  • Ensuring prompt and fair outcomes for both the accused and the victim